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29 April 2017

MOM#144 Atlas do Rock – Especial Grécia

Long time no hear….! But excellent things are indeed on their way!!! In the meantime, here’s a radio show (Metal Open Mind) on one of the biggest rock stations in Brazil, where our our band was featured with 2 tracks and a surprise interview by our own Dimitra Vintsou (listen after 01:41:00)…! Stay tuned…!
12 January 2017

Recording Vocals..

The essence of tracking of any album, has always been the tracking of vocals, which render the soul of the musical work, as many have said… So, time for Caelestia to begin vocals tracking for the forthcoming album…
12 November 2016

New Album..Recording Drums..

After Months and months of songwriting, rehearsals and preproduction, the time has come for Caelestia band to enter the studio..We start with drums tracking at “Bombtrack Studios”, w/ sound engineer Mixalis Meleteas. More exciting news to follow, stay tuned..!!
09 August 2016

Review at SoulGrinder Zine!

“Each song provokes visual hallucinations to those who can actually appreciate minimal but in-depth works of art….” Very distinctive words for our work, coming from across the ocean once more… Thanks a million for the belated but spot-on … The best is yet to come…!